Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - basics of a successful digital strategy.

SEO is the all important process of presenting your business to site visitors and search engines well. At it's core, SEO has a technical side, based on page load speed, your site's mobile-friendliness and details that web masters pay attention to more than business owners care to know. It largly depends on other sites of the world linking to your content. SEO has a qualitative side as well. It focuses businesses on an informational and emotional opportunity to appeal to the new and existing customers alike with clear presentation of what you do and how your business' values sync with those of your customers. If those synergies are achieved, search engines know how to interpret visitor signals. No, search engines wouldn't know if your content made your visitor's hearts beat faster, or made them sad, but they are intelligent enough to interpret the signals of your visitors' behavior.

As search queries, a.k.a. keywords, bring traffic to your site from Search Engine Results Page (SERP), clicks vote for your website's ranking for that keyword. If, however, visitors click through to your website and immediately click the return button to go back to the SERP, they are voting against your website's ranking to that keyword, and those behavioral signals get interpreted by search engines. Thus, your SEO efforts are affirmed by how much your visitors like your site, i.e. how long they stay, how many pages they visit, if they return and more.

It is important to setup your site architecture correctly, so that your visitors want to spend time on your site. It is also of utmost importance to offer user- and mobile-friendliness. If you website is not mobile-optimized as we write this (January 2016), start there. It is the single most important step you can take to augment your SEO. As to the site architecture, remember why your prospects come to the site, why you built it in the first place, and deliver what they're looking for. There is no better factor than customer satisfaction to propel a brand. You loyal customers become your brand advocates. 

When hiring an SEO, you want to consider a few important factors, as SEO industry has been exploited by malicious firms with illegal ranking tactics. Don't take our word for it, here is a word from the source these guidelines are from Google. provides all of the services listed in the guidelines referenced above: 

"Many SEOs and other agencies and consultants provide useful services for website owners, including:

  • Review of your site content or structure
  • Technical advice on website development: for example, hosting, redirects, error pages, use of JavaScript
  • Content development
  • Management of online business development campaigns
  • Keyword research
  • SEO training
  • Expertise in specific markets and geographies."

Source: "Do you need an SEO?" Google support answer here.

Following SEO best practices is the cornerstone of your business' search presence. It allows to project your business' staying power to the world and to search engines. SEO is an imperative part of any business' long-term business strategy. Most businesses, however, misinterpret SEO as a competition with industry giants, as a call to publish insurmountable amounts of information. When it comes to publishing information on your site, focus on creating a few valuable pieces of information your target audience will appreciate (meaning download, share, reference and link to), as compared to blogging large amounts of data discussing the keywords you desire to rank for.

When designing a website from scratch, or changing website architecture, consider keywords aka topics  that your target audience is really searching for. Keyword and target audience research is one of core offerings. We will help determine keywords with real search traffic, and best topics to discuss on the website, as well as help you understand what your pool of prospects and customers is searching for. Using SEO experts for keyword research will inform your site architecture, create a few key pieces of valuable, which will bring longer lasting and overall high SEO value to your business.

Whether or not you hire an SEO agency or tackle the effort in-house, there is also the "local SEO" aspect to consider. Search engines have changed how they prioritize traffic results for mobile driven by the fact that internet surfing dynamics have changed in 2015 and mobile device browsing surpassed desktop devices 51%/49% (source Insights from KPCB US and global internet trends report here) in terms of Daily Internet Usage by American adults. See a snapshot of internet trends below:


It is imperative for a business to correctly submit its business information to various entities holding keys to local SEO success. For instance, a verified and well optimized Google+ business profile is an important part of not only achieving local SEO impact, but also enabling advertiser accounts to take advantage of AdWords ads extensions, affording more real estate in the ads, and lifting CTRs. 

Source: see here

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We do not endorse any of the cited writings, but merely provide those guides for your reference, as they represent most respected sources in the SEO sector, or offer valuable educational info on SEO.