Search Engine Marketing - build a comfortable path to purchase for all your customers.

The moments when your prospects are "googling" a service you offer, comparison shopping for a product you retail, or measuring how you stack up against competition are the moments when your business has a chance to compete for a prospect and win. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) also known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing is the way for your business to be present in those moments, when purchasing decisions are made and brand preferences are shaped.'s purpose is helping to fill up your sales funnel each and every time your prospective client is searching for your service or product on Whether you're looking to sell more, get more leads, raise brand awareness, or all of the above, AdTraktion aligns its purpose with yours. We grow businesses: get new leads; increase sales; and raise brand recognition. focuses our efforts on Google Search Engine, which commands globally 96% of mobile and 66% of desktop traffic, as of the beginning of 2016 See search engine share snap shot below:

Google market share of search: 69% of desktop and 94% mobile traffic. Source:

Using a search engine to look up anything and everything has become an indispensable step on our path to purchase. We simply do not skip that step anymore, for things that matter anyway. Even when a service or product is referred through the word-of-mouth; a prospective customer will likely not get in touch until they look it up on the internet.

Marketing to Search Engines is the way for your brand to be present during the customer's path to purchase. The defining milestones like I-want-to-know, I-want-to-go, I-want-to-do, and I-want-to-buy moments are when you want to present relevant business details and offers, helping your prospect understand if your service is what they want, your product is what they need. 



Search Engine Marketing is an imperative channel to test for any business that wishes to grow. If you have a website - you should try to market to search engines. Your advertising spend will depend on where your most lucrative pockets of prospects can be found, and how competitive are other players fighting for your prospect's attention. You certainly can spend very little, say $5 a day, or hundreds of thousands annually.

Your spend, however, is not an absolute, but a relative number. In other words your spend entirely depends on your Return On Investment - ROI. When investing into Search Engine Marketing, ROI is the success metric that determines how much to spend. For example:

Customer example #1:
A high ticket construction service provider spent $24,000 (roughly $8,000 a month) on Google AdWords campaigns over the course of 3 months, during high demand season. This advertiser also paid agency management and creative fees of $8,000. Is that a lot, to be expected, or not enough?

To answer the question we need to know what was the ROI on that spend. Conservatively estimated NET expected return from the new business directly attributable to the leads generated as a result of this campaign is $280,000. An investment of $24,000 + $8,000 generated conservatively estimated return of $280,000. An ROI of 775%. Can we now answer if the investment was worth it? Considering that this turned out to be the highest producing channel for the business, yes, the investment was well worth it.

Those are the questions we ask and help answer every day. This illustrates the process of how we manage AdWords accounts on behalf of our clients profitably.
— client data

SEM/PPC is an important and an integral part of strategy for any business that wishes to grow. PPC can complement any and all other marketing channels. Channels like email and content marketing, billboard advertising and TV ads, SEO, and social or trade shows. Here is another example:

Customer Example #2:

A service retailer with one location spent $6,110 on an AdWords campaign (approximately $1,500 monthly over the course of 4 months), plus $4,600 monthly on agency fee and creative. The net ROI on this investment is 13%. While the ROI is positive, this business should consider other marketing channels (like trade shows and affiliate marketing), which produce higher returns.

We couldn’t have estimated that number, however, without asking hard questions. This business is less than a year old, they are adding product lines and service offering. They choose to continue to invest in PPC, as they are increasing a Customer Lifetime Value, thus lifting the ROI.

In this case, is figuring out the least producing techniques and advising to cut back in some areas, while testing new strategies.

Our goal is for the business to succeed, and to maximize overall digital ROI. It is imperative to compare PPC channel ROI to other digital channels as well as offline marketing alternatives.
— Client Data

Display and Video Advertising are newer options available to clients through Google Adwords. We continue to innovate on behalf of our clients with the purpose of reaching the right audience where they might be. YouTube platform, Display Network Sites, etc. 

Customer Example #3:
A long-time customer with successful long standing Search advertising campaign performance was leery of Display advertising. This high-end high-ticket highly seasonal build-to-suit product provider didn’t believe in the Display network potential.

We persuaded the customer to spent $900 over the course of one month to test Display network. The campaign generated $47,000 in net profits.

The ROI of 5000%+. It is our purpose to continuously test new opportunities for clients.
— Client Data

Knowing how to take advantage of the numerous Google AdWords features and capabilities, i.e. targeting desktop and tablet, or smart phone users; serving ads, which when clicked lead directly to a call to your business; serving ads to prospects who browsed around your website and left without getting in touch; and how to maximize your spend; while using as much real estate as possible on the search engine results page, is what brings to the table. Whether you hire us to setup a campaign, or for ongoing management and optimization, we have the expertise that will help your enter into the SEM space as a pro and have a real chance to get your prospects attention. What makes an indispensable SEM agency partner in this process, is helping our clients win new business profitably. 

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