works with businesses in two formats:

on-going engagement (billed monthly)

project basis (billed per project). 



Google AdWords (SEM/PPC) management starts at $1,000 per month. We monitor and optimize on-going Adwords accounts DAILY. Pricing includes setup and launch of 2 promotional offers and landing pages per month. AdWords management includes Google Analytics' goal setup.


Every 12th month of ongoing engagement is FREE.


When you hire us for a one time project to setup or modify your AdWords account or campaigns or Google Analytics account and goals, we will pass your account (AdWords or Analytics) along to persons of your choice upon setup. Every project may include a quarterly or monthly follow-up agreement or hourly on-demand consulting options. Get in touch by filling out the form below to get an estimate.


There is a setup fee for all ongoing clients NEW to, including the accounts previously setup and managed by another agency, and/or accounts lapsed past 3 months.

Setup fee pays for discovery time that it takes to formulate your initial (or new) AdWords strategy, platforms to be tested (search, display, video), starting budget, unique selling proposition for Ad copy; compile competitive keyword set from research, including keywords desired by the client and work out an AdWords promotion plan (if applicable). We meet up in person or virtually and learn everything that matters about your company, your service and your product. At the conclusion of setup we deliver written summary of findings and proposed scope of work. This is a one-time setup process, billed per hour, with a $500 minimum, we estimate and agree upon the total in advance, which depends on the complexity of your business. 


No retainers or contracts are required. All fees are to be paid forward every 30-days. On-going engagement is void when not prepaid for the next 30 days. Work outside of agreed scope of work will be pre-authorized with a person in charge prior to start. 


Prices are subject to annual increase.

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