Unlock your digital ROI with Google Analytics.

If you, like most companies, attracts prospects via organic traffic, social, email marketing, Google AdWords, Bing and Yahoo, display and search, social paid, affiliate marketing, etc., then Google Analytics is the necessary FREE tool, which will allow you to see which digital marketing channels are producing for you. Installing the GA opens a window into the inner workings of what visitors do on your site (no privacy laws broken) when no one is looking. Google Analytics data gives you an advantage of knowing what your visitors want from your site and from your business.

Do you know where your customers arrive from to your site? Which channels generate the highest sales? What's works best for acquiring new prospects: mail blasts or search engine marketing? Are your customers researching and your service and product for 3 or 12 months on average? Is your content being read or are visitors hit the back button when they see your blog posts? Which channels are producing the highest return on investment for your business and which generates volume? There are the questions Google Analytics answers and so much more. Google Analytics holds key to everything you need to know in order to make smart investment decisions.

Below is an actual customer example. An excerpt from customer Google Analytics, representing 10 months of data through January 2016 as follows:

Source: AdTraktion.com customer Google Analytics Acquision All Channels Report

What you see above is an established business. This customer has been with us for a while. We handle Paid Search portion of this company’s efforts. Our exclusive agency partner, a full service marketing agency handles all of this client's marketing efforts. Notice that Paid Search is the highest producing channel for this business. It is important to take into account that this business spent $4,000 monthly on Paid Search to generate $506,013. They also paid AdWords agency and creative fee. And yet, PPC channel is producing remarkable returns and is one of the leaders in terms of generating volume of business, and highest ROI.

In the example above, sources from Google Analytics, we have the ability to stack all digital channel against each other and evaluate where to double down and where to pull back. Google Analytics offers a range of capabilities, from the report above to your most advanced data mining effort, and the ability to view site data aggregated at the most summarized view. From complexity to the most simple forms, it is essential not only for understanding your website visitors and the return the site generates, but also for the success of your PPC/SEM campaigns. We offer Google Analytics included in everyone of our services, whether one-time, or ongoing, we drill down into your analytics history to bring to surface what matters most - what works, and what may be not working, what’s left to explore and where opportunities are exhausted. Combining information from analytics with AdWords, and when needed, a 3rd party software and tools, allows us understanding of the degree of the potential your PPC account may deliver, and what other channels may be a good fit.  

Google Analytics holds the key to many questions that help optimizing your AdWords performance. For example, you can find out the percentage of users who visited your site and immediately clicked return button, discover how many visitors are new, vs returning, understand how many pages various users visited, how long visitors spend on your site and where they came from. Splice your visitor behavior between traffic that you paid for (Google AdWords, Facebook and Twitter ads), and those searchers who found your site organically. This information about your users comes handy when matched with databases of search engine records of where your visitors go after they visited your site, and what are the most common (competitors?) sites that your visitors also visit. Their demographic profile and income brackets can also be overlaid (anonymously) to match and clone prospects for the purpose of growth.

Source: AdTraktion customer Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an integral part of understanding the health of your digital efforts. We invite you to sign up for a Google Analytics audit with us. Check out this page, if you are considering hiring us.